Saturday, 3 January 2009

Google Translate widget

Article Title The Article Store Translate Tool

Author - The Article Shop - PG
The Article store translation tool

This page is the page where you can copy the code to paste into your website to allow others to translate your website into a foreign language. The obvious advantages are that you can reach a wider audience,

Did you know that of all the web pages on the internet over 80 percent are written in english but of all the people who surf the internet over 65 percent do not speak English. The advantages of being able to translate your page into other languages is obvious. At the moment our widget will translate into 23 different languages.

We have various sized translation modules and these are shown on our main website with the code detailed in a scrollable window below the example which you can copy and paste into your own website, just follow the link on the right hand side of the page and this will take you to my website where the code will be explained in more detail :-